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Photovoltaic power, the expertise of a specialist

Solar energy is an economical, efficient solutions for electricity generation. With 35 years of expertise in solar energy and faithful to our high standards GIORDANO INDUSTRIES Group has partnered with the world's leading manufacturers of photovoltaic, and SHARP for TRINA SOLAR photovoltaic cells, and FRONIUS Solarmax for inverter

SOFTEN helps you enjoy the advantages allowed under the PROSOL ELEC program :

The mechanism PROSOL ELEC provides a set of incentives targeted at residential customers of STEG who wish to be equipped with photovoltaic systems to partially cover their energy needs (see table below):

PV Power (KWP)
Minimum required power consumption (KWh / year)
Invente offered by STEG
Credit possible through the STEG (DT)
Premium allocated
1 1800 1 de 1 KW 2000 OR 3000 D
  • FNME grant of 30% of investment cost
  • Surcharge of 10% of the HT investment granted by the Italian Cooperation
2 3600 2 de 1 KW
2000 D

3000 D
4000 D
5000 D
6000 D
3 5400 3 de 1 KW
4 7200 4 de 1 KW
5 9000 5 de 1 KW

It should be noted that the new housing or housing wich do not have a history of power consumption in one year and whose subscribed power level is greater than or equal to 7 KVA are eligible for program benefits PROSOL ELEC.

A chain of abilities for reliable and performant installations :

SOFTEN accompany you throughout your plant project with its professional PV solar teams.The research department of SOFTEN studies the project, sizes the installation and runs the installation of the project. SOFTEN supports your administrative record and provides the documents necessary for your pre-established project. Our team will guide you in your efforts to open grants and credit. Our trained Solaristes , install the PV plant in the state of the art.

Operating principle of a photovoltaic generator :

photovoltaique desc-2


The photovoltaic panels, or modules, directly convert the light radiation from the sun into electricity, and generate a current.
To be used on the electricity grid, the DC must be converted using the inverter into alternating current.
The energy produced can be consumed by the building on which the generator is installed, or returned to the public distribution system.
SOFTEN Photovoltaic generators Industries can thus reduce the energy bill of that place.


The building is normally equipped with a power meter measuring the energy consumed.
As part of a photovoltaic system, a second meter is installed by STEG to measure the energy produced by the plant and returned to the network.
A sales contract is then established with the user.